Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire extinguishers for every use…


    • We help identify the right fire extinguisher for your needs
    • Each extinguisher is different and for different types of fires such as: electrical, fire, gaseous, liquids, combustible metals
    • We perform maintenance and recharging of your current extinguishers
    • Take part in our out-of-date fire extinguisher recycling program
  • We help you find the right fire extinguisher!

Fire Extinguisher Sales

We sell a full line of fire extinguishers

Dry Chemical, Wet Chemical, Clean Agent, Water, Special Hazard

  • Sales

    Service Includes:

    • Finding right extinguisher(s)
    • Proper installation
    • Training on proper use
  • Recharge / Inspection

    Service Includes:

    • Testing and maintenance service
    • Refill and recharging
    • Annual and periodic inspections

  • Hydrostatic Testing

    Service Available:

    • DOT hydrostatic testing
    • High / Low pressure cylinder testing
    • SCBA cylinder testing