Industrial Fire Protection

  • Industrial fire protection experience…

    We currently service the following:

    • First Due Fire Protection has worked with with large scale industrial buildings and the unique needs that each building has
    • Currently servicing hospitals, schools, government buildings, detention facilities, large warehouses, industrial complexes
    • We SERVICE, TEST, INSPECT and MAINTAIN: fire pumps, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms, backflow devices, portable fire extinguishers, emergency exit signs, and fire hydrants

Identifying the risks and potential consequences before they happen

  • Prevention

    One of the main things at play when it comes to fire safety and fire risk is prevention. We identify potential risks and processes that can present a potential fire threat and review the current systems in place. This is done to ensure that systems in place will work and that your system matches the hazard.

  • Reaction

    In the case of a fire starting, we make sure that systems currently in place will work the way they were designed. Fire alarm systems portable fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems must be checked regularly in order to properly and meet local fire department  and NFPA standards.

  • Pumps & Hydrants

    We test and maintain fire pumps and fire hydrants to ensure proper operation and water flow.

  • Sprinklers & Alarms

    We test and maintain the fire system components to ensure functionality.

  • Emergency Exit Signs

    Service, install  maintain, replace emergency exit signs.

  • Backflow Testing

    Annual testing of potable water backflow systems to ensure operation and compliance.

  • Our Advantage

    • Our portable fire extinguishers come with a 1 year warranty, free installation, and are completely rechargeable
    • Meet or exceed national, state, and local fire protection requirements standards remove insurance requirements
    • Client reminder system to provide a “worry-free” experience for future scheduling and maintenance
    • Receive electronic and post card reminders of upcoming maintenance
  • Why Choose Us

    Who better to protect your equipment than an off duty profesisional fire fighter

    • Meet National Fire Protection Association standards
    • Our technicians will NEVER sell or suggest something you can don’t absolutely need
    • Locally owned and operated by an off duty professional firefighter that truly understands your needs for fire protection