Residential Fire Protection

Protection at home where it matters most

  • Commonly overlooked residential fire protection…

    Depending on your unique family needs, we can recommend the best options for protecting your home and loved ones.

    • Check and test their residential fire extinguisher to ensure proper functionality
    • Annual cleaning, testing and battery replacement to residential smoke alarms to prevent false alarms and ensure accurate functionality
    • Install residential cooking fire suppression system

  • We help you find the right fire extinguisher!

  • Fire Extinguishers

    • We help you find the right fire extinguisher for the right task
    • We help you install it in a strategic location
    • We train you and your family on how to use the fire extinguisher
    • We maintain fire extinguishers to ensure proper maintenance and usability
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  • Prevent Kitchen Fires

    We install the guardian 3 residential fire system for…

    • 24/7 Automatic Protection System
    • Potential cooking fires are stopped before they spread
    • Prevents fire from reigniting and burning
    • Automatically shuts off gas and electricity to kitchen to avoid the fire from continuing
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  • Avoid a kitchen fire with Guardian III